To an adventure across time!

This website contains information on my debut novel “Between Worlds, Ragnarok” and the inspiration behind its world building, characters and mythical mysteries.

I wish you happy reading and safe journey into the universe.

Book released!

Between Worlds - Ragnarok

Would you change history – if it meant losing the love of your life? Or the downfall of an entire civilisation?

Between Worlds, Ragnarok is the first book of two in the “Between Worlds” time travel series.

It follows Alexandra, a retired MMA fighter, who struggles to re-inventing herself after losing her best friend and coach Nathan. Fate, however, seems to have greater things in store for her, and after a mysterious thunderstorm, she finds herself thrown back in time to Iron age Scotland.

Caught between violent rivalry and political agendas, Alexandra is faced with an impossible choice. One that might determine the final outcome of the true Ragnarok.

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